About Call Number

Simply put, Call Number is the library-inspired quarterly book subscription box that celebrates Black literature and authors. The  meshing of two great loves, Black literature and libraries. Call Number began out of a desire to share the books that I love while  recognizing the difficulties of finding literature by Black authors in  an industry that often neglects literature by writers of color. The  disheartening lack of diverse books available to readers is partially  what drove me to create Call Number, so that I might play a role in  promoting diversity through the literary works of authors from America,  Africa, and the Caribbean. But I mostly just wanted to make it convenient for book lovers to access quality reads by Black authors.     

As an academic librarian who oversees a special library with a  comprehensive collection of items pertaining to the African Diaspora, my  daily work involves selecting quality literature for my library. I apply that same discernment to selecting books for Call Number so that  our readers only receive books from great writers. And my love of  libraries is infused in Call Number in hopes of raising awareness about  libraries while supporting Black literature. Most importantly, I'm so excited about bringing literature to you that I know you will enjoy!            

Jamillah (founder, librarian, and fellow book lover)